Man fined for singing in car

World October 23, 2017 09:03

montreal - A man from Canadian Montreal has been wrecked because he was singing his 90's classic Everybody Dance Now in his car. The police gave him a fine of $ 149, about one hundred euros.

On September 27th, Taoufik Moalla was on his way to buy a bottle of water, when a policeman was suddenly heard. 'I thought she wanted to catch me. But suddenly I heard I had to stop. They checked my car and then asked if I was screaming. But I was just singing, 'he explains to CTV.

'I do not know if my voice was so bad', Adus Moalla. 'But I was shocked. I find out they are doing their job. But I never expected them to bother me for that. If you're happy, just sing along with that number. '

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