Man does not draw sicking woman, has been in forest for 10 years

Man does not draw sicking woman, has been in forest for 10 years

World October 17, 2017 12:57

- Malcolm Applegate was so finished with the whipping of his wife that he decided to flee. For ten years, the Englishman lived in the woods. After three years of marriage, the size was full, Malcolm decided to get out of it.

'In the beginning we could get along well. But then it became too much. Thus she found that I spent too much time on my gardening work, 'said Malcolm.

'So she asked if I could not spend more time with her, but I wanted to work. Suddenly I decided to just leave. I did not pull the sick anymore. We were still struggling, 'explains the gardener to the Daily Mail.

Nobody knew about leaving Malcolm, nor his family. 'I was missing for ten years. '

In three weeks time, Malcolm from Birmingham went to London by bike. Since his bike was stolen in the meantime, he had to finish the trip on foot.

Eventually, Malcolm decided to set up a tent at Kingston, in southwest London, and started working at a community center. 'I was camping with a few more people. In the center we could wash and shower and I worked there too. '

Meanwhile, 62-year-old Malcolm has been retired in a home for homeless people in London, Emmaus Greenwich. 'I'm very grateful to Emmaus's people for this second chance. Thus I have a fantastic room, can work and have an active social life. '

After ten years, he also sought to contact his sister. 'She appeared to be looking for me for ten years. Many emotions came loose. In the meanwhile we have a good relationship again and I have the rest of my life on track again.

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