Man (20) hours stuck in filthy toilet

Man (20) hours stuck in filthy toilet

World August 26, 2016 15:12

- A Norwegian man has experienced a critical hour in a dirty tank of a public toilet. Larsen Berntsen (20) got stuck when he volunteered to go fishing a phone from a friend from the restroom. The young man climbed with his legs forward in the reservoir, but needed the help of the fire brigade to be freed from his predicament.

Larsen- with a striking tattooed face- loved it grazes on his shoulder about it. He was bitten several times. In the hospital he was given antibiotics.

'I panicked, because I hate small, enclosed spaces. It was horrible disgusting down there. I threw up right away. There also crept animals around. No, this was not an easy action, 'he concluded dryly. 'Apparently I was thin enough to bilges into it, but not to get out. 'His action was not only extremely stupid, but also pointless. The phone was not found.
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     Photo: AFP

The public toilet is not connected to the sewer. Larsen was delighted available not aware that the tank is emptied only once a year...

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