Main Capital buys stake Zaandam data analysis companies

Main Capital buys stake Zaandam data analysis companies

Tech July 27, 2016 12:18

- Main investor Capital has invested millions in Zaandam social media monitoring company OBI4wan and data analysis company OBIlytics. According to the Hague investor concerns,, a substantial interest 'in the lucrative young software companies.

His investment in a 55 to 60% of the companies announced Wednesday.

The two IT companies help businesses expand activities in social media and to increase their sales data analysis. They learn mainly targeted customer communication through the analysis of what their customers look for.
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From Zaanstad serves OBI4wan that says to use 20 million online sources, more than 550 companies. Underneath the Tax, AZ AFAS sponsor, HBO, Essent and globe. com.

Main Capital private equity fund with € 150 million, thanks to majority interests now the largest Dutch investor in software companies. It expands in Germany and opens offices in Germany on 1 August.

Director Alexander the OBI4wan Rider, which remained independent until now said to appreciate next investment especially the use of the knowledge and Main Capital Network.

OBI4wan working with his software in multiple languages. The investment should help grow the Main Capital Zaandam companies abroad, the packages are already used in Italy, Belgium, Germany and France. OBILytics clients include Colruyt and Vivat insurance.

According partner Charly Zwemstra Main Capital of the companies in foreign countries good opportunities to grow, because its software is 'scalable' and can be used in a short time for many companies to grow.

The portfolio investor Main Capital are also software companies like Axxerion, b + m Informatik, Ymor, Roxit, OnGuard, Sharewire, Second Floor, ABIT / Euro Systems, Sofon Connexys, Regas, ChainPoint, RVC and TPSC.

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