Macron suddenly to Saudi Arabia

World November 9, 2017 18:57

abu dhabi - The French President Emmanuel Macron, in his voyage to the Persian Gulf, interviewed the strong man of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the last moment. French media reported Macron told the 32-year-old Crown Prince Thursday in Saudi Arabia about the bloody war in Yemen, the political crisis in Lebanon and rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been trying to determine the course of the Yemeni civil war under the leadership of the Crown Prince with bombings. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia began a blockade of Yemen, according to the United Nations, millions of people, including some 400,000 children, may become fatal.

Saudi Arabia called on Thursday to leave countrymen on Lebanon. Riyad fears that the Shi'ish Hizbullah movement tries to dominate Lebanon. That would happen under the leadership of Iran. The Shiites are the largest Lebanese population (estimated at 40 percent). The Saudi kingdom is strictly solitary.

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