Machine learning makes YouTube safer

Machine learning makes YouTube safer

Tech August 1, 2017 16:00

mountain view - Google began a machine month-long effort to rid YouTube of terrorist content over a month ago, and according to the techist, the approach thrives. Google says about twice as much harmful content has been removed from YouTube.

Even smoother algorithms must ensure that further extremist content is noted and removed where necessary. Now, 75 percent of Google's recorded videos have not yet been procured by humans because of their content. In addition, Google immediately acknowledges that not every video that is being held is actually in violation of the rules. In some cases, the content of a video is debatable, but not in violation of YouTube's law or terms of use. If a video is not punishable, but it's bad, it will not be removed, but placed in a separate section within YouTube.

To make the algorithms smarter, Google has entered into partnerships with NGOs and institutions involved in combating extremism and terrorism. The company has also set up several initiatives aimed at identifying the risks of hate content and the need for tolerance and diversity.

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