Lustpil for women not a great success

Lustpil for women not a great success

World November 18, 2015 15:30

- The sale of the so-called ' women's Viagra ' runs to say the least not very nice. Since the pill came three weeks ago in the US market, only 227 prescriptions are written. By comparison, when Viagra was approved seventeen years, doctors attributed the drug within a month to more than half a million men.

A big downer for pharma group Valeant, who had expected the female lustpil have a billion product 'hands. Expensive joke experts can be a number of reasons why invent the pill (Addyi) still is not a great success, writes Time. Firstly, it must miiddel that would excite sexual desire, be taken daily. An expensive joke: monthly cost you quickly up to 700 euros. Also there may be some serious side effects. Especially in combination with alcohol can dangerously low blood pressure arise, allowing the user faint. Additionally seemed lustpil during examinations only ten percent more effective than a placebo. The approval of the lustpil by the US Food and Drug Administration in August already aroused great annoyance at Dutch sexologists. Women would according to them, 'be exposed to substantial health risks, while the intended libido-increasing effect of the pill is small "due to the use of the new agent to. Europe has not made any request for admission yet by the manufacturer.

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