Ludieke actie Belgische minister: donderpreek voor wegpiraten

World November 3, 2017 10:48

brussels -

Minister Fran├žois Bellot is completely finished with the road pirates in Belgium. Sudpresse's editorial team has been able to review its political plans by 2018, saying that Bellot plans to remind the traffic violators in any violation of government plans to penalize their misconduct on the road. In addition to the usual fine, the road pirate also receives a written thunderstorm in the bus.

He hopes not only to find the unprecedented recidivist, but also the average motorist in Belgium, reports Het Nieuwsblad. An average of 9 million fines are distributed to our southern neighbors.

Because not many Belgians seem to know the new penalties, and they do not lie. For example, who blows 1.8 g of alcohol per liter of blood or tramples for the second time, can be automatically charged with alcohol. Flight crimes can be punished with imprisonment up to 4 years if the victim inflates or dies severe injuries.

'This dull behavior is totally unacceptable, but it has become a real plague. We must be aware of the victims of such accidents and their families. Therefore, we want to be able to take extra stringent action against refugees in case of wounded traps or deaths, 'he writes in his political plans.

The VIAS, the Belgian variant of Safe Traffic Netherlands, welcomes Bellot's action. 'Any form of communication about the dangers of certain road behavior and the associated stringent punishment can hopefully convince the road user to follow the traffic rules in the future. '

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