'Lubrication campaign against minister who committed suicide'

World November 13, 2017 16:06

connah's quay - Former Carl Sargeant who committed suicide after # metoo allegations was harassed by advisors in a battle for power. His suicide has now been confirmed.

There was a note at the door: 'Do not come in and call the police.' When wife Bernie read that, she ignored the message, and found a bloody husband in a room on the second floor. Carl Sargeant robbed himself of life, a few days after being fired as a minister, allegations of sexually abusive behavior.

Now it appears that there was an fear culture at the Welshe Burles, at least, says old adviser Steve Jones against Daily Mail. 'Mindgames were played with ministers, like Carl. When I ended up in 2009 there was a poisonous atmosphere. Anxiety. And horror. I'm not a vegetable in the political world, but I've never seen this. Pure poison '

According to Jones, there were high-level advisors who played power games with politicians like Sargeant. Ministers who were seen as enemies were often suffering from lubrication campaigns. Their agendas were monitored much more often. They could become less easily at the prime minister. 'Those advisers tried to acquire unreasonable power over the ministers and prime minister,' Jones said.

Whether there is a relationship between Sargeant's death and the lubrication campaigns is not known. The authorities are investigating the death.

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