Lots of miss at Indonesia's exploded factory

World November 4, 2017 16:39

tangerang - https://www.telegraaf.nl/images/900x600/filters:format(jpeg):quality(80)/cdn-kiosk-api.telegraaf.nl/77738a02-c17e-11e7-b17c-03abbe4e9b2c.jpg

This is evidenced by the police investigation into the disaster, which is one of the largest in its kind in Indonesia. Thus, the factory had only one outlet and there was only one fire extinguisher present. Survivors did not do evacuation exercises.

4,000 kilograms of combustible material were stored in different places in the building. The fire could quickly spread through it. Presumably, the fire was caused by welding operations which sparked sparks on the unpacked fireworks and caused two explosions. The police arrested the owner and the manager of the factory.

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