Loss of independence parties in Catalonia

World December 4, 2017 12:45

madrid - The Catalan political parties that strive for independence threaten to lose their majority in parliament during the regional elections on 21 December.

A survey among voters shows that the combination of these parties amounts to 67 of the 135 seats.

The Junts per Catalunya comes from 25 or 26, ERC on 32 and CUP on 9 seats. This means that the small majority of the parties disappears.

The central government in Madrid wrote the elections in Catalonia after the striving for independence was nipped in the bud by suspending the autonomy of Catalonia. The Catalan government under the leadership of President Carles Puigdemont thereby formally lost its function. Puigdemont and some of his ministers fled to Belgium.

Puigdemont and four of his former ministers get to hear next Thursday whether Belgium delivers them to Spain. Then the council chamber of the court in Brussels speaks out, the lawyers of the quintet report.

The lawyers try to persuade the judges on Monday that the extradition is not lawful, partly because there is a risk that human rights will be violated. Madrid wants to try the former members of the government for their role in proclaiming the independence of Catalonia and has issued European arrest warrants for this. They are charged with rebellion, abuse of government money and incitement.

The Brussels Public Prosecution Service had previously said that the arrest warrants are enforceable and the extradition can go ahead. If the judges agree to this next week, the Catalans will almost certainly appeal.

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