Longitudinal police discriminates against women

World October 18, 2017 09:48

luxembourg - The rule that Greek police officers must be at least 1.70 long is indirectly discriminatory because there are many more women than men being disadvantaged. The European Court of Justice has ruled that.

It would be better for women to select candidates in advance by testing their physical fitness.

However, the Greek regime is not prohibited if it is objectively demonstrated that the prescribed length is necessary for good employability. This must be tested by a national court.

The court points out that certain police forces require physical strength, 'but it does not mean that other police forces, such as providing assistance to citizens or controlling traffic, do not require much physical effort.' Moreover, body length and physical strength are not necessarily related.

The case is about a woman who was rejected for the police school. A Greek judge declared that the government was in dispute. The Supreme Administrative Court then brought the case to the court in Luxembourg.

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