Longest Uber ride: almost 900 kilometers

Longest Uber ride: almost 900 kilometers

Tech December 15, 2016 08:51

omaha - A US Uber chauffeur has extent known longest ride ever made taxi app. He brought in October a woman from Omaha (Nebraska) to Denver (Colorado), a distance of 886 kilometers. The ride lasted 7 hours, 23 minutes and 55 seconds. On the way stopped the driver and passenger to eat. The woman had to pay after arrival 702.09 euros, converted 667 euros. Driver Kevin Jones has said that to The Outline.

According to Jones, the woman missed the bus and wanted to necessarily have the same day to Denver. ' I had that day nothing better to do, so I said, okay, here we go. '' Along the wife did not say why she went to Denver. After arriving Jones rode seven hours back to Omaha. He got no tip.

If a passenger bus, a train or a plane had taken, she would otherwise have been out much cheaper, says The Outline.


The New York Post reported last weekend that an Uber driver from Virginia had brought a customer to New York, more than 600 kilometers away. Then made the driver turn around, back to Virginia without stopping en route.

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