Longest day of Jacques and Jenneke

Longest day of Jacques and Jenneke

World November 15, 2015 07:15

paris - When the attacks Friday in Paris were next at least 129 dead also 352 injured. Of those wounded fighting, according to the French authorities, 99 yesterday for their lives. Family and friends of the victims waited yesterday for the various emergency departments for news of their loved ones. Report from the grounds of the ancient Pitié- Salpêtrière hospital.

"Here, my daughter had a ball," Jacques reflects his left collarbone. It's the- relatively- good news that he was a nerve-racking night long to have to wait. Together with his wife Jenneke, born in Haarlem, Jacques lives in Nice. When she Friday shortly after the attack had no contact with daughter Stephanie, and the couple did not hesitate. "At eleven o'clock at night, I still got in the car," says Jacques. To call every turn Stéphanie. "Well, 31 times, I think. "From the Riviera to the French capital, the eight-hour drive. Each quarter call, every quarter that damn answering machine. Until, at six o'clock in the morning, first light colored the sky. "When I heard that she was here, in the hospital Pitié Salpêtrière," says Jacques. He bends over, talk softer but with more emphasis. "That was the most important thing for me. She was in the hospital, and not in the morgue. "Bullets Friend after friend Stéphanie sign at the entrance of emergency, temporary village square 'la Salpêtrière. When they hear that Jacques' daughter good seems to come from, they ask: How is it with Mathieu? "Stephanie was good," Jacques says of his daughter. "But Mathieu is there, in Bataclan concert hall, collected the first bullets. "In his neck, apparently. An arm and a leg still refuse service, the coming weeks will show whether it is good. At half past four tries Jacques himself his wife, who is sitting inside, to call, but did not succeed. Try again. Then there Jenneke sound of the voice, from the basement annex uitslaapzaal. "Just now there was a nurse along," Jenneke reports from the cellar, "where we craft the slightly injured." "I asked if it was ready. "Not yet," she said. You have to be patient here. "On this day working the emergency room of the seventeenth-century hospital as a factory. "The beds are run in, on the one hand, and on the other side out. It's very quiet. "But the thought of all those relatives and friends waiting times still continue. One day after the attack goes all over the rotten spots in French society. "On the one religion," said Jenneke, which does not name to any discussion with the French to provoke her. "From abroad they get money to put down those buildings, which pointed towers. Many people here, why is that money not be used to help the homeless "Machinery Ten meters away, two nurses smoke a cigarette?. "There are plenty who are here live only because the machines do the work of their bodies," said one of them. "You bet on thirty, forty additional deaths. And then the psychological shock is yet to come: the media have no images show the wounded, but next week is going to happen. Only then realize the French what happened Friday. And how terrible it was. "His colleague:" For us it's a pretty ordinary day, but the people who have come here this time of war wounds. Logically, they are hit by weapons of war. "A French analyst said a few hours earlier on the radio:" This country has never longer than sixty, seventy years of peace known. And now it is not awarded to us. After World War II, this is the new battle to feed France. "" Hey, journalist, you can not walk with me? "Jacques wanted the hospital but was not allowed by the staff. "Maybe they let me through it if you do a good word for me. "Then the man from Nice sees a Parisian girlfriend. He talks to her, she offers him a place to sleep for himself, his wife and dog. Once again, the doorbell rings. "You go for the time being difficult to sleep," said the Parisian girlfriend moments later. The old man, a bear of a man, shaking she's right.

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