Long prison sentences for hackers

Long prison sentences for hackers

World April 21, 2016 11:14

atlanta - Two hackers disappear far behind American bars. They are responsible for a large cyber bank robbery. They have infected hundreds of thousands of computers and printed backwards as millions of dollars.

The Algerian Hamza Bendelladj (27), alias BX1, got fifteen years in prison by the court in Atlanta. The Russian Aleksandr Panin, alias Gribodemon, was sentenced to 9.5 years in prison. Panin made the SpyEye malware, Bendelladj made computers were infected with it. SpyEye spied include computer keyboards. So the criminals usernames and passwords for internet banking were held. they creaked credit cards.

Panin SpyEye also sold to other criminals. The malware has infected a total of about 50 million computers. The damage amounted to nearly one billion dollars.

Bendelladj was arrested in January 2013 at the airport in Bangkok and extradited to the United States. Panin was a few months later was arrested at the airport in Atlanta.

According to prosecutor Panin worked for his arrest on an even better successor. He wanted to launch a few months later. SpyEye 2. 0 would be one of the strongest botnets have become ever and are extremely difficult to detect. That would have resulted in immeasurable losses for the banking sector and citizens , according to justice in the US

In the Netherlands people were the victims of SpyEye. The High Tech Crime Team of the police involved in the investigation into the gang.

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