Locally dense fog banks

Locally dense fog banks

World October 10, 2016 06:15

- During the morning rush hour traffic must be very careful to dense fog. The visibility is less than 200 meters in some places.

This applies to the entire country with the exception of Zeeland. Halfway through the morning fog will disappear, predicts Weather Plaza.

Continue freezing the room light, especially on and around the Veluwe.

The rest of the week the weather remains calm, but also quite cold. By day it is at most 12 or 13 degrees, while in mid-October is normally about 15 degrees. In the night's six degrees now normal, but upcoming night the mercury drops, especially in the southern half of the country still to close to freezing.

The nights after it is no longer so cold, because the norther gaining its momentum and thus the cooling is less at night strong. The fog odds are therefore smaller. Further exchange sun and clouds fields each other, whereby clouds often prevail. Especially Tuesday rains occasionally. On the other days the rain is limited to only a few showers.

In the longer term, the temperature seems from the weekend to increase slightly. The precipitation generally remain small and the sun is still hidden behind clouds covered fields.

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