Local transport campaigns this time in North Holland

Local transport campaigns this time in North Holland

World June 7, 2018 05:48

haarlem - Again, travelers will suffer from strikes in regional transport. Bus drivers across the country have already finished the work in recent times. On Thursday they will do that in a large part of North Holland.

The relay race affects bus traffic in Haarlem, Alkmaar, Den Helder and Schiphol Airport, among others.

In regional transport, relaying campaigns have been taking place for some time to enforce a better collective labor agreement. Employees want better agreements about wages, work pressure and also about plaspauzes. For the time being, the unions do not yet expect an agreement or a new consultation with the employers. The actions therefore continue. The CLA for regional transport applies to 12.000 employees.

The Association of Employers Public Transport (VWOV) says it wants to solve the conflict 'very much'. ' Everyone should be able to pause in a normal way, where that is not possible now we can solve that. '' The VWOV calls the requirements unachievable and unaffordable. ' The unions only want to come back to the table when we meet their requirements in advance. One of those requirements is five minutes of extra paid break per 150 minutes, regardless of the situation. That means an annual cost increase of 5 percent. The wage offer then comes on top. ''

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