Lifting to plan separatist leader Ukraine

Lifting to plan separatist leader Ukraine

World July 18, 2017 18:30

kiev - A separatist leader in Eastern Ukraine announced a proposal to abolish Ukraine and set up a new state on Tuesday. It has to be named Malorossiya (Lesser Russia), according to former Alexander Aleksandr Zachartsjenko of the Donetsk People's Republic.

The plan led to commotion both inside and outside of Ukraine. Thus, Germany and France condemned the proposal. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko concluded that Zachartsjenko is part of a 'pop show', with Moscow pulling his ropes to make a point.

According to Zachartsjenko, representatives of several Ukrainian regions have agreed to the plan, in which Donetsk would be the new capital of the country. This prompted the rebel republic of Loehansk to not know about the initiative, which, according to critics, could endanger government's file.

The representative of Russia at the peace talks, Boris Gryzlov, also responded reluctantly. He told the newspaper RBK that the Zachartsjenko proposal is not aligned with Moscow. It would be a 'personal initiative' of the rebel leader and his faithfulness.

The plan is, according to the separatist leader, a 'peaceful road out of a difficult situation. 'Regions should be given much autonomy in Malorossiya.

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