Lift up pedo pop

Lift up pedo pop

World August 10, 2017 13:39

london - Pedophile fighters are outraged by a group of psychosocial therapists who find that child abusers should be able to have sex with child puppies as 'medicine'.

Through these dolls, children should be less at risk. Opponents believe that the lifelike dolls only encourage child abuse.

'At this moment there are no legal methods to provide pedophiles in their need. Using a 'children's shovel' in a 'controlled environment' could provide this and allow the pedophile to really leave children alone. '

This lets StopSo know via Indepedent. Stopso is an organization in Great Britain that deals with special treatments for the prevention of sexual abuse. The dolls would work just like methadone for heroin addicts. A replacement, therefore.

Last year, the lifelike children's dolls came into play after they were ordered all over the world via Amazon and eBay. Several pedophiles thus revealed. And the question, can these products be traded?

Japanese artist Shin Takagi likes it. He designed the anatomically correct doll, Trottla, which looks like a five-year-old child with moving body parts and even works with different heat settings.

In an interview with The Atlantic, the artist said, 'We must accept that we can not just change one's fetish. I help people with their desires in a legal and ethical way. It's not possible to live with suppressed feelings. '

Also, the now celebrated and hated Japanese claims that customers thank him for saving their lives. 'Thanks to the doll they have not committed a crime. '

Opponents, including the National Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, express their greatest concerns. They warn that the dolls will increase the risk of abuse, by normalizing sex with children through this road.

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