Lift off 'farewell round' last line flight Air Berlin: stunted pilots suspended

World October 18, 2017 20:06

dusseldorf - A 'stunt' of Air Berlin pilots has not fallen well with the management of the failed German price fighter. After the last long-haul flight from Miami to Dusseldorf, the pilots decided to reboot 200 passengers shortly before landing. A few seconds before the device touched the ground, the pilots pulled their nose back and made a sharp turn over the airport's terminals.

The aviation authorities investigate the incident and check whether the safety procedures have been followed. The pilots, who caused a technical failure as a reason for the restart, have been temporarily suspended. The device did not turn out to be anything. Not all passengers could appreciate the unexpected maneuver. The device made a reboot at 30 meters.

After the divorce, the device landed safely. 'I wanted to give a signal, a worthy and emotional farewell,' said the captain. Air Berlin, which may soon be part of Lufthansa, was less happy with the action. 'The images of the flight on social media raise many questions. They must be answered. '

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