Lifelong for the Dutch citizen who killed the agent

World October 23, 2017 12:24

nurnberg - The 50-year-old German right wing extremist Wolfgang P. has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the shooting of a policeman and a dual attempted assassination last October. P. betrayed the courtroom and heard the sentence unmoved.

The convicted, who calls himself Rijksburger, opened the fire to members of a detention team who wanted to enter his house. The deceased agent (32) was part of a special unit that threw him thirty weapons because he was not considered more capable of managing the weapons. When the agents announced that, P. began to shoot immediately. Two other police officers were also injured.

Rijksburgers (Reichsb├╝rger) are people who do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany. They are from the German Empire and its borders from 1937 when Hitler was in power. They reject democracy and often deny the Holocaust. The government estimates the number of these right-wing extremists at about nine hundred.

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