Life well possible on nearby planet

World November 16, 2017 06:12

la serena - Astronomers have found- for cosmic notions around the corner- a planet on which life is possible. The celestial body, with the rather prosaic name Ross 128b, circles around a red dwarf star on 'only' eleven light years away from the earth.

Ross 128b is exactly in the so-called gold-colored zone, a reference to the fairytale about the rather picky girl Goldlokje. The zone is the area in which planets have exactly the right temperature for life to occur: not so cold that water freezes, but also not so hot that it evaporates.

The planet is about half the size of the earth and probably has the same composition.

There is a viable planet that is even closer to the earth. It also revolves around a red dwarf star, but because this star is a lot more active, the chance of living there is a lot smaller than on Ross 128b.

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