Libya, Trump and future central to EU summit

Libya, Trump and future central to EU summit

World February 1, 2017 16:15

valletta - Reducing migration from Africa and the future of the EU after the brexit are the main topics of the EU summit to be held Friday in Malta. Donald Trump, however, will surely come to exist, as changing the government during lunch ideas about ' international challenges. ''

EU Minister Donald Tusk warned Tuesday in his invitation letter for all ' worrying 'statements by the US President, which ' our future is very unpredictable.' Pool Trump said in the same breath with the threat of China, Russia and radical Islam. A ' proud and united '' EU is according to him the only answer.

In the morning discussing the leaders in the enactment measures to bring the influx of migrants from North Africa, especially Libya, to Europe quickly and sharply down. To avoid increase in smuggling and drownings in the spring, the Libyan coastguard should get more money, training and equipment.

Or that offers solace, however, the question, as the country has no central government because of the numerous militias. Therefore, also referred to contacts outside the capital Tripoli.

In addition, the Libyan borders to be less porous. For this, it is proposed to help the border police and intensify cooperation with its neighbors Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria. There is a proposal to release EUR 200 million for North Africa.

Discouraging migrants from Africa to travel to Europe is also on the agenda, as was agreed in 2015 during a summit in the Maltese capital Valletta.

Netherlands believes it is very important that the EU effectively addressing migration across the Mediterranean. The government supports the proposals of the European Commission about this, Prime Minister Rutte wrote to the Chamber.

In the afternoon session will be an open discussion, without the British Prime Minister Theresa May, on how to proceed with the EU. This had been discussed at the summit in Bratislava in September. End of March there must be a vision during a jubileumtop in Rome on the future of Europe.

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