'Less fries at McDonald's by secret bakery'

'Less fries at McDonald's by secret bakery'

World September 14, 2017 13:45

- Fast food chain McDonald's have clipped the school over how they are instructed to serve fries. According to the staff, they have to push a cardboard box in a certain way, which means that there are fewer fries in it.

In a thread on the reddit social news website Reddit about corporate secret practices is fiercely discussed about McDonald's fritters practices.

'I once experienced a customer asking me about it, so an employee at Reddit. 'He shook the fries in his bag and put it back in the box which was then half full. So I had to give him fries. I was impressed and embarrassed me. That was seven years ago and I can still see his face for me. '

Another user fills him. 'I fucked that fucking. I refused to do that. I have never been fired. However, I have seen some customers who asked when I worked again so they could fill me with their fries. '

The user also said that the fries are very cheap for McDonald's and that it costs almost no extra money to fill the fries.

According to McDonald's, there is nothing about the allegations. 'There would be a secret trick, it's absolutely not true,' said a fast food chain spokesman at The Huffington Post. 'There are established procedures that ensure that the containers are filled in the right way around the world. '

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