Leader Kenya: Judges committed coup

Leader Kenya: Judges committed coup

World September 21, 2017 13:30

nairobi - Kenyan President Kenyan Uhuru has worked hard at the Supreme Court in his country. He denounced the judges to commit a 'coup' when they void the presidential election won by him.

The court motivated Wednesday why the election should be reversed. In particular, the electoral commission received the full low. He refused, among other things, to grant the opposition access to its own computer systems, although the court had given orders.

That layout shot Kenyatta in the wrong throat hole. 'There has been a coup in Kenya by the four people in the Supreme Court,' he said on television. The electoral commission had calculated that Kenyatta had a head start of 1.4 million votes. According to the president, however, the court said 'that numbers do not matter, it is the process that causes it. '

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