Lawyer: Do not trump up a subject of research

Lawyer: Do not trump up a subject of research

World June 18, 2017 19:03

washington - Donald Trump's own lawyer argues that the president's subject of research is in investigating possible collusion of his campaign team with Russia in the elections. Trump himself appeared to confirm in a tweet on Friday that there was an investigation into his resignation from FBI director James Comey.

'I'm being investigated before the FBI director was fired by the man who told me to dismiss the FBI director. Witch hunt! 'Wrote Trump. According to lawyer Jay Sekulow, the president responded only to a message in the Washington Post. From special researcher Robert Mueller he has not heard anything in that direction, Sekulow said for the cameras of the CBS program Face the Nation. 'The fact is that there has been no investigation or is to the president,' he said.

Mueller has been appointed by the Ministry of Justice with the task of investigating whether someone from Trump camp has been in contact with Russian officials or others who are affiliated with the Kremlin. Mueller also looks into whether other laws have been violated and whether Trump or others have attempted to obscure business or obstruct research. The dismissal of Comey could be interpreted as an obstruction.

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