Lawsuit against Snapchat for sexual content

Lawsuit against Snapchat for sexual content

Tech July 8, 2016 11:21

- Against Snapchat in the United States filed a lawsuit alleging the Discover feature. A group of people who demanded an undisclosed sum in damages, claiming that Discover minors exposed to harmful, abusive and sexually offensive content. The case was filed Thursday by a court in California, reports The Wrap.

Snapchat works for Discover along with media partners such as BuzzFeed, service and Cosmopolitan. The terms of service will not be warned, according to the complainants for the offensive content, while according to the law of users should be stated that with parental control access to harmful material may be restricted for minors.

One of the items is for example that men think if they can not deliver their partner's orgasm. The article is accompanied by a photo of two dolls having sex with a puppy in the background.
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pornographic texts

The initiative for the trial came from a woman and her fourteen year old son who would be overwhelmed in July by a compilation of Disney pictures where pornographic texts and insinuations would have thought about it.

A spokesman for Snapchat has announced that it has received a complaint regarding the matter, but the company is sorry if people were offended. The spokesman indicated that the employees of Discover editorially independent.

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