Last demonstration G20 runs smoothly

Last demonstration G20 runs smoothly

World July 8, 2017 20:15

hamburg - The last major demonstration against the G20 summit is officially terminated on Saturday night. The protest march called 'Unlimited Solidarity instead of the G20' generally went quiet. According to the police, 50,000 protesters were up, the organizers spoke of 76,000 protesters.

However, there were some incidents. According to the police, near the Millerntorplatz, where the demonstration ended, some well-known riders came out of the crowd. Then they conquered the police with bottles. The police made use of arms and a water cannon to return to rest. Four agents became light-wounded.

Briefly, during the demonstration route, combat was given with about 120 masked men. According to a police spokesman, police officers were hit with flags. Then the masked men disappeared unnoticed in the crowd.

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