Las Vegas shooter 'best video poker player on earth'

Las Vegas shooter 'best video poker player on earth'

World October 11, 2017 02:57

las vegas - He would make up to one million dollars a night. This is evidenced by transcripts of a lawsuit by Las Vegas striker Stephen Paddock who has been given CNN.

Paddock made his statements in 2013 when he was heard in a lawsuit that he himself contended for a hotel. There Paddock was laying on a wet floor- with a beer in his hand, floating on slippers, so the attorney of the hotel described later.

The world's biggest video poker player, Paddock describes himself. 'How I know that? Because I know the other big players and none of them played as much and as long as me. 'In 2006, he played an average of fourteen hours a day, 365 days of the year. 'I gamble all night and sleep by day,' said Paddock. Whether he was in the swimming pool? 'I'm not doing sunshine. '

He did not drink alcohol while playing, to keep 'attention'. How much he sometimes guessed? 'One million dollars' one night, Paddock said. 'A lot of money,' replied a lawyer. 'No,' said the wealthy Paddock.

Paddock's valium is also found out of the courtpieces to swallow against anxiety attacks. He received sixty pills for one and a half years before the lawsuit, and still had fifteen left. According to American media, Paddock would also receive medications in July this year, which could cause aggression and rage attacks.

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