Korean teacher arrested after baby death

World August 9, 2016 18:33

seoul - A South Korean teacher was arrested after her dead baby was found in a motel. The woman told the police that her water broke while she shared the bed with an American soldier, The Korea Times reported Monday.

The teacher at a kindergarten, according to the police seven months pregnant when she Saturday after a night out at the motel went with the military. When her water broke, she made the wise man that she was menstruating. He left them to buy sanitary napkins.

The woman gave birth to the child, rolled it in a towel and left. An employee of the hotel found dead child later. Police suspect that the infant was suffocated because bruises and contusions were found on the body.
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The teacher denies having slain the child. The American goes according to police acquittal, because he was shopping when the baby was born.

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