Koenders calls on China to use spyware

Koenders calls on China to use spyware

Tech August 14, 2017 10:12

the hague - Minister Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs) sends his human rights ambassador to Beijing to address the use of spyware in China. Koenders says that the Chinese government seriously violates the privacy of citizens in the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang China by oblige them to install an app on their Android phones that the government can spy on.

In response to Chamber Questions of SP MPs Maarten Hijink and Sadet Karabulut, Koenders confirms that Chinese citizens who refuse to install the spyware risk a cell punishment. '' The software can be used for surveillance and to detect data '', Koenders writes. 'The announcement by the authorities states that the application can identify terrorist content and that citizens who do not delete such files can be prosecuted for this purpose. '

The SPs find the obligation to install spyware unacceptable and want Koenders to share his dissatisfaction with the Chinese authorities. Koenders says this. 'The application of the app to access devices and its obligation to install it by the Chinese government seriously violates the privacy of the citizens concerned. The government is prepared to address human rights violations in a bilateral context. '

Urumqi is the regional capital of Xinjiang Province, better known as the area of ​​the Uighurs. Uighurs are a predominantly Islamic people of Turkish descent. At the end of July, on the basis of reports on social media, the Chinese government has recently obliged citizens in the province to install the Jing Wang app (clean internet). That blocks according to Knack. Request certain websites, browse your smartphone on illegal images, prevent the installation of certain apps, track chat and wifi login, and share that information with your SIM and IMEI data.

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