Kim: Trump's statements are his statement of war

Kim: Trump's statements are his statement of war

World September 22, 2017 06:39

pyongyang - 'We will be fighting with the hardest means if the United States attacks us.' That said the Korean leader Kim Jong-un said in a response to statements by US President Donald Trump earlier this week that his country North Korea was 'complete' will destroy 'if that country does not bind.

According to Kim, Trump's statements convince him that he is heading the right course. He called the statements of Trump 'the most insulting statement of war in history. The United States will pay a large bill for the speech of his mentally disturbed president, 'Kim told the North Korean state-owned bureau KCNA.

Ri Yong-ho, the North Korean Foreign Minister, said in New York that, as a countermeasure, the country could possibly carry out 'a never-before-seen' test with a hydrogen bomb. Place of action could be according to Ri Great Ocean.

President Trump signed a decree on Thursday that the United States could raise sanctions against North Korea companies. Extension of sanctions is a means of abandoning the Pyongyang regime of further expansion of its nuclear missile program.

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