Kim is heading for catastrophe

Kim is heading for catastrophe

World September 23, 2017 07:06

pyongyang - If Pyongyang actually explode a hydrogen bomb across the Pacific, as dictator Kim Jong-un threatens to do, military intervention on the Asian Peninsula is very close.

Since Donald Trump earlier this week, he cried that he might be forced to 'totally destroy North Korea' the tension between both nations has risen rapidly. Pyongyang, calling the American president a 'madman', insists on continuing to follow his nuclear ambitions and promises that the US will pay a 'high price'.

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The North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told reporters that his country wants to 'give the most powerful response' to the threat from Washington, and is considering testing a hydrogen bomb on an unprecedented scale.

Nothing seems to deter Kim, because very severe sanctions have hardly had any effect. Trump returned to the despot again yesterday. 'He is a crazy who does not have a problem with starving or killing his own people. But he will be tested like never before! '

Pyongyang shook the world earlier this month when it underwent an underground hydrogen bomb test, which resulted in a severe earthquake. Also because the mountain at the test site Punggye-ri is seriously weakened and collapsed, an H-bomb experiment is no longer possible.

North Korea also knows that it will not be the first nation to explode a H bomb in the Pacific Ocean. The USA did it in 1954 at the Bikini crown island, where a crater broke one and a half kilometers wide and shot a fireball mile.

Buildings far away- unexpectedly- were destroyed, airplanes blown out of the air, fishermen over 150 kilometers died or became seriously ill.

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