Kijkduin wants to get rid of Pokémon nuisance

Kijkduin wants to get rid of Pokémon nuisance

Tech August 25, 2016 08:15

- The Pokémongekte begins more and more residents in Kijkduin hanging from the throat. The CDA wants the Pikachupaal disappears as quickly as possible.

'It is through beaten,' said councilor Michel Rogier. 'If an entrepreneur wants to organize an event of such magnitude, it is one and a half years now arrange everything. Now happens to proclaim it without permission and the town yet it also works with such a post and Kijkduin as Pokémonhoofdstad. This is a family resort. '

Beach club Le Club Maritim fed that the mobile payment terminals through the crowds barely more work, says manager Ewald. Guests may park their cars no longer lost, it sometimes took the beach furniture at night and will be run cables behind the catering business broken by people who roam the protected dunes.
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