Kids sweet on the back seat

Kids sweet on the back seat

Tech July 19, 2017 09:18

- With the holiday at the door, many parents wonder: how do we keep the kids busy on the plane or on the back seat? The best apps in a row.

Books are indispensable on holiday, but nobody wants to take a whole pile. Kobo Plus costs € 9.99 a month and offers a great selection for young and old. Those who seek a cheaper option can contact the VakantieBieb (free of charge). Here you can read free books from a small collection until August 31st. Are the children too small to read independently? Then LuisterBieb (free) is a good option. There are free audiobooks available, but if you are a member of the library you will have access to everything. The Digital Picture Book A far journey (€ 1.99) from Toon Tellegen, recommended, is available for download for smartphone and tablet.

NPO Zappelin (free), Netflix (€ 9.99 p. M.), Videoland (€ 8.99 p. M.) Offer the ability to download movies and series so that they can be viewed without internet connection. In addition, you can rent or buy movies and movies on iTunes and Google Play. It is also possible to add own movies here.

Who's at Wally's Lookout, should try the more challenging Hidden folks (€ 4.49, just for iOS). This search game of Dutch real estate is more challenging than searching for Wally in his red / white striped sweater. Nice to play as a parent with your children. Mammals (€ 3,49, iOS) teach kids about animals. What can an elephant do with his trunk and how does a kangaroo grow in his mother's pouch? In addition, the many apps of Toca and Dr. Panda Recommendations for both Android and iOS.

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