Kaspersky: we are used as a pawn

Kaspersky: we are used as a pawn

World July 12, 2017 09:36

moscow - Cyber ​​Security Officer Kaspersky Lab thinks it has become a bit of a jamming between Russia and the United States. The US government removed the originating Russian company Tuesday from two lists of approved suppliers for government services.

'Kaspersky Lab seems to be enthralled in an geopolitical battle in which both parties try to use the company as a pawn in their game,' said the organization Wednesday, according to the Russian press office RIA. 'Kaspersky Lab has no links with any government,' said the company, which never emphasized a country to help cyberspionage.

US intelligence and politicians suspect Kaspersky Lab has close links with Russian intelligence services. It was feared that Russians could access American networks through Kaspersky products. The FBI felt US security staff at the dent last month.

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