Judge sees snogging brutal rape

Judge sees snogging brutal rape

World November 27, 2015 16:00

antwerp - A 37-year-old Bengal must be three years the Belgian jail for rape. The man had stuck his tongue into the mouth of a 22- year-old woman to kiss her. The French kiss was so brutal that the judge saw this as an "act of sexual penetration against the will " rape so.

An agent heard cries for help from a home. Then he knocked the woman did open. She had injuries to her face, blood on her clothes and her pants was open.

She had been out that evening and when she wanted to go home, the man had offered her a lift. Once arrived, the man was pawing her home invaded, pushed her to the ground and hit her. He ran his hand inside her pants and stuck his tongue in her mouth. The man claimed to the officer that the woman wanted rough sex.

Although the man was prosecuted for attempted rape followed the judge 's reasoning, the lawyer of the victim who actually rape had occurred. The man, the victim must also pay more than 3000 euros compensation.

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