Judge: demonstrate at Play may

Judge: demonstrate at Play may

World August 9, 2016 08:30

- It allows spectators at Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro indeed demonstrate freely. The organizing committee, the state government of Rio and the Brazilian government should not deter visitors from peaceful political expression, a Brazilian judge ruled Monday.

He cited as an example the display of posters and T-shirts with political messages, messages Brazilian media.

In recent days has repeatedly reported the removal of spectators from stadiums because they demonstrated against the government of interim President Michel Temer. That would be in command of the International Olympic Committee.
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During an Olympic football match wore some spectators T-shirts that make up the words 'Get out Temer 'formed. The police put them out of the stadium. When archery called a visitor slogans against the government and he was also punished with expulsion.

Who still occur in the future against demonstrators risking at least a penalty, given the judge.

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