Journalists boycott Disney movies

World November 7, 2017 19:09

- Journalists and critics boycott Walt Disney films in solidarity with the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times, according to Disney, did not comply with 'basic journalistic values' and therefore the newspaper is now being spelled by the Micky Mouse company.

In September, LA Times wrote a story about the business relationship of Walt Disney and the city of Anaheim. Here, Disney was definitely not served, CNN writes.

Last week, it appeared that the LA Times was refused at an annual preview show for the upcoming Disney season. However, the newspaper wrote that they would review Disney's movies and products when available to the public.

In turn, Disney responded with a statement that the company became more frequent with news organizations where they did not always agree, but that the LA Times 'has no respect for basic journalistic values' and that the newspaper is therefore boycotted.

'It's a dangerous precedent that Disney puts it in mind. Write a less positive story, a story that Disney did not deprive, and you are being blacklisted. Independent journalism is being punished by a large company, 'said A. A. Dowd, a film journalist from the A. V. Club.

Various critics support the LA Times such as the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the New York Film Critics Circle, the Boston Society of Film Critics and the National Society of Film Critics.

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