Jochie (4) peels off

Jochie (4) peels off

World January 22, 2018 11:54

beijing - A four-year-old boy who smokes cigarettes as if he does nothing else. It looks like a badly invented advertisement from a tobacco producer, but it is the sad reality in a village in the south of China.

The toddler has been addicted since his second. In order to get smoking goods, he picks cigarette stubs from the street or steals packs of cigarettes from shops. On the internet, shocking images have surfaced of the boy, showing how he smokes a cigarette as an adult. The grandparents of the child would have made the video. They laugh at the worrisome behavior of their grandson. The images would have been recorded in a small community near the Hunan province.

The child, whose name remains unknown, is not the first to start smoking at such a young age. In 2010, the world got to know Ardi Rizal. The Indonesian boy was two years old and addicted. He smoked about forty cigarettes a day and the images of the chain smoking toddler passed the world. He kicked off when he was five, but then developed another addiction.

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