Japan, China and South Korea look with argusogen incalculable Trump

Japan, China and South Korea look with argusogen incalculable Trump

World September 3, 2017 12:42

amsterdam - The ball in the explosive conflict in Korea is with America. That is what Korean expert Michel Hoogeveen, who last week was attending a conference in Kazakhstan, told the neighboring countries of North Korea about a solution in the region. 'Nobody is obviously happy with a nuclear North Korea. There is talk about how to do something about it. Stronger sanctions and boycotts apparently do not work. '

According to Hoogeveen, who was still on the Korean peninsula last May, everyone in the region agreed that it was not a question whether North Korea could equip a long-distance rocket with a core head, but when. 'Kim Jong-un has indicated only to want to talk with the United States, so the ball is near Trump. Japan, China and South Korea, therefore, are looking forward to the unpredictability of the US president with suspicion. 'During the campaign, it was hopeful, says the Korean expert. 'Trump had indicated to want to talk to the regime. But he seems to have released that. '

Still, according to Hoogeveen, escalation is still very small. 'The North Korean regime knows it's suicide to carry out the first assault. And also America will not do that. It is in no man's interest. 'However, he will think twice before returning to Pyongyang. 'The regime is close. You never know how such a regrettable regime deals with foreigners in the country. 'Hoogeveen is going to South Korea again soon. 'Because the chance of escalation is so small. '

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