Jaguars hot dragged her

Jaguars hot dragged her

World August 9, 2016 06:15

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The construction of their future stay in the Amsterdam zoo is seriously delayed. The intention was that the animals could stay last fall. Thereby Mowgli Rica and first had a while to Emmen and now they sit in separate rooms at Lion Foundation, a lot smaller than that of Artis.

their concerns on the Facebook page Fanpage Jaguar Rica express lovers. Manager Wim de Jong: 'How far can you go to let animals roam so? They get well fed and well cared for, but they are becoming more jaded in that relatively small spaces. '
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The delay is due to an error in the construction of the new residence, says Artis director Haig Balian. 'A few poles, important points of support, were slightly shifted with respect to the design. Everything had to be re-calculated. It's part of the life that things go wrong. But this would happen, it was a surprise. '

Construction of stay is four and a half years under way and will cost 3.6 million euros. Balian Mowgli Rica and now expects to receive in November and wants to breed the animals. In the meantime, employees may Lion Foundation put no pictures of the animals online, as Artis their stay there rather keep silent in order to extract as big as the animals arrive in the metropolitan zoo.

Artis took the animals of the Scottish Edinburgh Zoo. From there they went to the now closed zoo. Since last February they were at Stichting Lion in Anna Pavlovna. According to their carer has with the animals nothing wrong. 'They are very stable, loving animals, they sit in their own skin. '

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