Italy commemorates earthquake at Amatrice

Italy commemorates earthquake at Amatrice

World August 23, 2017 18:33

amatrice - Italy commemorates the earthquake disaster around the place of Amatrice a year ago. In the middle of Italy, 299 people died on August 24, 2016.

Many places in the mountainous area are still ruins. The Italians want to commemorate the victims with a torch in the night and a fog in the morning. The earthquake with a force of 6. 0 happened at 3.36 pm. Most people died in Amatrice itself. For every dead one will sound a bell at night.

After the earthquake followed a series of post-bevolutions that destroyed the area further. The fact that a large part of Italy is sensitive to earthquakes has been shown this week. On the island of Ischia near Naples a fierce Monday caused a great deal of damage. Two people came to life.

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