Italian voters may vote again

Italian voters may vote again

World May 18, 2018 21:27

rome - This weekend, the Five Star Movement and the Lega on squares throughout Italy will announce the content of the coalition agreement that they have established together. The people can then let them know by means of a vote whether or not they agree with the agreement.

The Five Star Movement also asked the subscribers of the online platform Rousseau yesterday to vote on it. They approved the agreement by an overwhelming majority.

In this way, both parties want to organize a kind of direct democracy that would give them more legitimacy to govern. There would have been too great a gap between the Italian population and politics, which the two parties are trying to bridge in this way.

Yet there is skepticism about this form of direct democracy. And not only because the website of the Rousseau platform was temporarily lifted. 'If parliamentary elections have already taken place in March, what is the use of consulting their own electorate about the decisions that have to be taken? Are we or are we not a representative democracy, in which the representatives have the right and the duty to take responsibility for what they are later judged? You can not use voters online in a hypocritical way if you do not have the courage to make the decisions in the organs that the Constitution has designated for it, 'said Antonio, a troubled Roman.

But the 31-year-old leader of the Five Star Movement Luigi Di Maio is enthusiastic about this form of direct democracy. 'If you say that this is the right way to go further, despite what Italian and foreign major newspapers write and what some Eurocrats claim from Brussels, then as the leader of the Five Star movement I will sign this contract so that this government of change can the battle can go ', says Di Mao. Lega leader Matteo Salvini said that it is also possible that President Sergio Mattarella should announce next Monday that the parties have not come out of it anyway.

Incidentally, it is still unclear who wants to have both parties as prime minister.

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