It will be a radiant Father's Day

It will be a radiant Father's Day

World June 16, 2017 11:51

amsterdam - It will be a lot of summer this weekend. Today we are still in a dip with temperatures between 18 and 21 degrees. But tonight the warm air will return. Upcoming Father's Day could even be in the top 10 of the warmest Father's Day in our country.

Even a place in the top 5 is at your fingertips, reports Weeplaza. In the south of the country it can reach 29 degrees, while the temperature on the third Sunday in June is usually around 20 or 21 degrees.

It will be a radiant day, and that also means lubrication. A solar power of 7 or even 8 can be measured. In the evenings, it stays warm too, so ideal barbecue weather.

Since 1937 Father's Day is celebrated in our country. Until 1947 this was always on the first Sunday in October. From 1948 Father's Day moved to the third Sunday in June. The highest temperature ever measured on Father's Day in the Netherlands was on June 21, 1998. In Arcen it became 32.3 degrees.

Even after the weekend, the warm weather stays even in our country. Monday and Tuesday, the regional tropical can be warm, Monday even a rural tropical day is possible. On Wednesday there is a disturbance with cold air. It will not likely stay dry, but it gets significantly cooler.

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