Israel obtains 'object' above Golan Heights

Israel obtains 'object' above Golan Heights

World April 27, 2017 21:30

tel aviv - If Assad has already taken revenge, it was not very impressive. On Thursday evening, Israel crossed the Golan Hoogvlakte, an object of the sky with a Patriot rocket. The army did not want to clarify what was shot out of the air, but according to media it was an unmanned drone.

On Wednesday night on Thursday, Israel reportedly attacked military barracks at Damascus Airport. The Syrian dictator recently threatened to respond to a new Israel attack with a burial scudrakett on army bases or chemical facilities in Haifa.

The Syrian state press office is blamed for a series of explosions in Israel. It would be about five air strikes at a place where Iranian weapons were for Hezbollah. A few hours before the attacks arrived at the airport four freight planes from Iran.

Israeli intelligence minister Yisrael Katz suggested in an interview that his country was responsible for the attack. He called it 'consistent with our policy to prevent weapons from being brought to Hizbullah. '

Israel has conducted tens of attacks in Syrian territory over the past few years. Usually the regime does not respond, but Assad and consortia's self-confidence has increased as they are the winning hand. The government in Damascus is furious furthermore that Israel immediately charged Assad for the poison gas attack in Idlib, where several dozens of deaths fell recently.

The Syrian army shot missiles on Israeli fighter aircraft that had run a mission in the country last month. The projectiles were shot out of the air by the air defense system of Israel. In addition to arms transport, Israel is deeply concerned about the ambitions of Hizbullah and Iran to get a firm footing on the Syrian-Israel border. Minister Lieberman warned this week during a visit to Moscow that his country will do everything possible to prevent that.

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