'IS possible mustard gas used against US'

'IS possible mustard gas used against US'

World September 22, 2016 08:45

- Warriors Islamic State may have fired a poison gas grenade on US and Iraqi troops in northern Iraq. US military personnel stationed remained unharmed in the affected military base, said a US military official.

The missile landed in an uninhabited area in the vicinity of the base. US troops then took a sample of a tar-like ' on, black, oil-like '' substance. A first test showed that contained the grenade mustard gas. However, a second opinion was negative. Further tests should provide clarity.

The shot basis is one of the focal points for the attack on Mosul, which the Iraqi army and its allies strike preparations. The largest city in northern Iraq IS is owned by more than two years. The extremist movement in recent months on the defensive in both Syria and Iraq.

According to the army officer failed the attack on the base miserably. ' There are absolutely no casualties. Nobody need to throw his roster, '' he said. ' It had not in any way affect the mission. '' In the complex are hundreds of American soldiers present.

The United States has repeatedly carried out air strikes to destroy stocks of chemical weapons of terror. Experts warned earlier that Islamic State will be possible to use such weapons during the offensive towards Mosul.

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