Is Almere headhunter Khalid K. dead?

Is Almere headhunter Khalid K. dead?

World January 27, 2017 22:54

- It seems that the cruel IS butcher Abu Abdelrahman this week was shot in Mosul, Almere headhunter Khalid K..

On Khalid K. websites of The Daily Mail and The Sun shine pictures to messages about the death of IS-executioner Abu Abdel Rahman. The now killed Abu Abdel Rahman is considered the cruelest among the IS executioners. He would be responsible for executing women. He used a meat cleaver. These Abu Adbel Rahman and Khalid K. one and the same, is not certain. K. called himself Abu Abdel Rahman al-Iraqi.

K. lived ten years in Almere, before he radicalized and went to Syria. K. acquired several years ago global 'fame' and disgust by posing with him through the severed heads of opponents of IS. He was last seen in Mosul, the city where he was shot possible.

K. was declared dead twice in 2014. First, the Syrian army announced his death. Two months later, after K. new horrific images was put on the Internet, he would have died in battles with the peshmerga in northern Iraq.

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