Irish gypsies terrorize campsites in Brabant

Irish gypsies terrorize campsites in Brabant

World July 5, 2017 13:57

goirle - Brabant campsite owners sit with their hands in the hair. Irish Travelers are in the province at their campsites and with intimidating behavior they are a thorn in the eye.

'These people have their own rules. They intimidate other campers and leave behind a mess. You have to compare it a little with Ma Flodder or New Kids, only in real life, 'says a camping owner against Broadcasting Brabant, who wishes to remain anonymous.

And she is doing fear. 'I'm afraid they grow up with revenge. 'For the moment, the owner did not report to the police.

The Irish gypsies have a certain method, she tells. 'Before you know, you have walked more than ten. And they do not pay. There they always have a good time. The debit card does not work anymore, or the machine where they want to withdraw money is out of use. '

Carolien Schellekens of camping farm Breehees from Goirle was warned and knew that the Travelers might also come to her camp, whatever happened. She knew she would not like her farm. That was good too, because ten years ago it did not work. 'That was not a fun. The poop was sitting against the walls. '

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