Iran scene of fierce demonstrations

World December 30, 2017 21:36

teheran - In several cities in Iran Saturday again protested against the regime. There were also meetings and demonstrations to express support to the government and the spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In the city of Dorud in the western province of Lorestan, according to unconfirmed reports, at least two demonstrators against the regime were killed by the police. On videos on social media you can see that two men are lying motionless on the floor.

The demonstrations for the regime followed numerous spontaneous protests in the country because of price increases and the foreign policy of President Hassan Rohani. Soon these protests ended in demonstrations against the regime. Thursday and Friday there was a wave of protest throughout Iran, including in cities like Kermanshah, Mashad and Qom. On Saturdays, these demonstrations continued in at least nine cities and expanded to the capital Tehran.

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